Big and Small Worksheets

These worksheets help kids learn about big and small things. Kids in preschool or kindergarten can use them.

The worksheets have fun themes:

– Nursery items

– Foods

– Drinks

– Animals

– Other things kids know

What Kids Will Do

1. Coloring

Kids color big or small things in a group.

2. Math

Kids count big things among big and small things. They learn simple math.

3. Comparison

Worksheets show big and small pictures. Kids circle which is bigger or smaller.

4. Sorting

Kids put things in order from big to small or small to big. They can number them or use cut and paste.

5. Drawing

Kids find out which things are big or small. Then they draw them.

Why It’s Good

These activities help kids:

– Understand space better.

– Make choices and solve problems.

– Be creative with how they arrange things.